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Price of Petrol in Kochi before last revision on date 17-04-2024 (historical rate chart):

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Kochi Petrol price in April 2024:
Fuel CompanyDatePrice
Indian Oil16-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil14-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil13-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil12-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil11-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil08-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil07-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil05-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil04-04-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil01-04-2024₹108.98
Kochi Petrol price in March 2024:
Fuel CompanyDatePrice
Indian Oil31-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil29-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil27-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil26-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil25-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil16-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil15-03-2024₹108.98
Indian Oil12-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil11-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil10-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil09-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil08-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil07-03-2024₹111.16
Indian Oil05-03-2024₹111.16

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Click here to see what the Petrol price revision in Kochi was in the month of April 2023:

Indian Oil17-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil16-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil14-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil13-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil12-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil11-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil08-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil07-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil05-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil04-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil01-Apr-2024₹108.98Indian Oil31-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil29-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil27-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil26-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil25-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil16-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil15-Mar-2024₹108.98Indian Oil12-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil11-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil10-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil09-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil08-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil07-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil05-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil03-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil02-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil01-Mar-2024₹111.16Indian Oil25-Feb-2024₹111.16Indian Oil24-Feb-2024₹111.16 provides
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