Petrol Pumps dispensing cash in ,  | Jun 2017 | Discover Petrol Pumps giving cash in your city |  list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash news today |  list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash prices | list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash filling stations in  | list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash fuel prices history chart | list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash rate in ,  | present prices of list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cash | prices for list-of-the-petrol-pumps-dispensing-cashNow,You can withdraw cash from more than 700 petrol pumps of IOC ( Indian Oil Corportaion) across India.

Swipe your debit card (any bank including SBI, PNB, ICICI Bank, Corporation Bank, Canara Bank etc. ) at select petrol pumps run by IOC (Indian Oil) and you can withdraw upto Rs 2,000 daily